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Little Things You Can Do During An Interview To Convey Confidence

Just about every company relies on interviews during the candidate vetting process. Hiring managers and human resources staff do either in-person interviews, phone interviews, or both. Many companies choose to perform a round of phone interviews, then bring in the … Continue reading

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Tips Your Human Resources Department Won’t Tell You

I saved this article that popped up on my Yahoo page a few weeks ago, entitled “10 Things The HR Department Won’t Tell You.” Now, Yahoo is not always where I find my news, but the title caught my eye. … Continue reading

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Job Search Tips In A Tough Economy

I just read an article on the Silicon Alley Insider website entitled, How To Get A Great Job Right Now In Today’s Awful Economy. Okay, “Awful Economy” may not inspire people to go out and look for jobs right now. … Continue reading

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7 LinkedIn Tips That Will Help You Maximize Your Results

The power of networking and its benefits are well documented. But the advent of the internet has helped evolve how we network with others. We have a variety of tools and websites (read: meeting places) at our disposal that will help … Continue reading

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