About Me

I thrive on helping individuals develop a toolset that will bring forth more career satisfaction. Being a career counselor incorporates my curiosity of business, my knowledge of how the hiring process works, and my desire to help others. Much like a number of graduating college students, I had an idea what my ambition in life was–mine was to help others. Unfortunately, I had no idea how to realize my ambition. Through a series of random events, I am happy to have found my career home. This seemingly meandering path has helped me understand that it can be easy to lose focus. I draw upon this experience to understand others. I am always asking myself “How am I going to make a difference?” and “How can I better assist each of my clients?” I challenge myself to learn more about my profession and to better assist each of the individuals that put their trust in me.

Prior to returning to graduate school to obtain my Master’s Degree at San Jose State University in Counselor Education, I was a career and staffing consultant for 9 years here in Silicon Valley. This experience has given me insight into the hiring process, which I often draw upon to assist my clients.

I am available for individual, group, or corporate clients:
• Certified Career Development Facilitator
• Career Workshops
• College Success

Current work includes:
• Career Development Facilitator
• Author: James Van’s Career Blog
• Contributing Author: Career Action Now

Available for individual, group, or corporate clients


• Counseling (Career, Transfer, Academic, Personal)
• Workshop Creation and Implementation
• Teaching and curriculum creation
• Personal branding, social media, social networking, SEO, online privacy
• Career transitioning

An interesting bumper sticker: “If ignorance is bliss, why aren’t more people happy?”


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