Good News For Aspiring Teachers In California

Are you interested in becoming a teacher, but discouraged by the latest economic and budget crises? The depression we are enduring has made all of our lives more difficult. Local and state governments are forced to make painful and severe cuts to budgets leaving, among other things, education funding short of expectations. Teacher layoffs have been well documented. And state politicians are taking aim at pension funds, including teacher pension funds.

But despite this unfortunate trend, there is good news for aspiring teachers. SRI released a study on the future of the teaching workforce in California, specifically, the Bay Area. Their results mirrored workforce trends in other occupations. As Baby Boomers retire (generation of folks born around and shortly after WWII), they will leave a substantial need to backfill vacant teaching positions. This, coupled with a decrease in enrollment in credentialing programs, may leave the Bay Area with a shortage of teachers. Because many school districts have shrunk their teaching workforce, the near term outlook is not positive. But according to the study, once the economy turns and education funding returns to pre-depression levels, districts will begin to hire again. We may see a large increase in teacher demand soon. Good news for those aspiring teachers out there.

If interested in reading the full report, please go to the Center for the Future of Teaching and Learning website.

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