Job Search Tips In A Tough Economy

I just read an article on the Silicon Alley Insider website entitled, How To Get A Great Job Right Now In Today’s Awful Economy. Okay, “Awful Economy” may not inspire people to go out and look for jobs right now. But I think it is also a good tactic to employ any strategies that may give you an advantage, regardless of how the economy is doing.

Please read the entire post, but here are a few standout tips that I found:

1. Be highly visible in your industry: This is true for entry-level to C suite careers. If you are a student looking for work, one of the best things you can do is to establish your reputation in your field while you are still a student. You can do this by doing an internship, publishing, networking, setting up a website and/or blog with your research/work, setting up an online profile(s) and doing research with professors. Companies are more likely to hire you if they know who you are!

2. Post your resume somewhere online, get interviews, and follow-up! The advantage of posting your information online is that you give access to anyone that might be looking for someone with your skill set. If you have your polished resume sitting on your desktop, no one else has access to it! Polish your resume and get it out there!

3. Do an internship to get your foot in the door. According to the latest 2010 NACE poll, 85% of employers polled have intentions of converting their interns into fulltime positions after graduation. 53% convert to fulltime jobs! So get out there and find an internship!

4. Find companies that you want to work for, then network to find someone who can make an introduction to that company for you. If you have an idea what industry you want to work in, do some research and find some desirable companies that you would like to work for. This targeted approach can work very well, given the right circumstances. Then find someone who can get your foot in the door. Again, if someone can recommend you, then you are much more likely to be successful in getting a job at that company!

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