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Interesting Video of Sean Parker Talking About the Future of the Internet

This is an interesting video of Sean Parker (of Napster and Facebook fame) talking about the future of the internet. He talks about how the power of connecting people will be more important than gathering information (read: Google). Advertisements

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Job Search Tips In A Tough Economy

I just read an article on the Silicon Alley Insider website entitled, How To Get A Great Job Right Now In Today’s Awful Economy. Okay, “Awful Economy” may not inspire people to go out and look for jobs right now. … Continue reading

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First Jobs

Are you a student that has just finished a forgettable summer job? Are you currently in a job that…well…you would rather not spend the rest of your life doing? First jobs teach us valuable work ethics and skills, how to … Continue reading

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6 Performance Tips

I (along with a lot of other people) am curious why some people are perceived as more successful than others in their pursuits. Does the person with the most talent always excel more than others? Is it desire that propels … Continue reading

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