Future Of Mobile Social Networking? As Goes Facebook, Goes…?

The future of Facebook (and social networking, for that matter) fascinates me. Despite my initial fears and doubts about Facebook, they are easily the most recognizable and dominant social networking sites, and one of the more recognizable online brands period. As Facebook grows and continues to look for ways to monetize their high visitor rate, they continue to forge a new frontier for online business. Their recent privacy changes, and subsequent backlash is an example of how they push the boundaries of our collective web experience. They also continue to innovate and look for new ways to enrich users’ web experience (pages) and build a usable platform for third-party developers to create additional Facebook related products. Despite recent stories about how Facebook’s CEO and founder had some embarrassing stories revealed about how he hacked into emails and websites to create Facebook and squash his competition while still attending Harvard, I believe the company is careful about how it approaches privacy concerns. Apparently there is enough of a story to make a movie out of Zuckerberg’s life. See the move trailer here.

It will be interesting to see what direction it takes in order to become more profitable in the future. When talking about technology, the web, and the future, the first thing that comes to my mind is mobile technology. Apple’s entrance into the smart phone market with the super-popular iPhone, and introduction of the iPad, is proof that there is a migration taking place towards a more mobile computing future. The reality is that this has been taking place for some time, it should not be a surprise. Just think about the rise of desktop computing, and the recent dominance of laptop computing. Computers have long been meant for mobility, the technology has recently made ultra mobile computing feasible.

But other mobile social networking sites have popped up, and have not come close to enjoying the success of Facebook. Granted, Facebook has tapped into a feeling and experience that few other companies have. But if others have failed in mobile social networking, is this a space that Facebook aspires to move into? And how would it go about doing this?

A recent article on the VentureBeat website may give us a little insight. Facebook recently lured Erick Tseng away from Google. Erick oversaw the development of  Google Android Nexus One. Now he is Facebook’s head of mobile products. The article has an interesting take on where Facebook Mobile may be heading in the future. It is worth the time.


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