Homemade Online Video As Personal Branding?

Show Me The Money!

According to a recent Pew Research article, online video viewing is growing in across all demographics. This trend is especially pronounced with the Millenial Generation, ages 18-29. With the penetration of high speed internet connections nationwide, viewing video content is more feasible than ever. And with the growing popularity of amateur video sites, such as YouTube, it is amazingly simple for users to create and post content and watch other’s videos as well.
A while ago, I posted an article about an aspiring football player that was invited to an NFL’s team tryouts after watching his homemade promotional video of himself. Last month, I saw a quick snippit on the local evening news that brought up questions about job-seekers making a video cover letter or promotional video of themselves to help advertise to prospective employers about who they are, and what they are looking for. The news piece did not take a side, as they presented a quick argument for both sides. Human resources folks that were interviewed for the piece said that it could develop into an HR nightmare for companies, as the videos would open more possibilities for discrimination. This, I do not dispute. I liken this to some foreign countries, where it is customary to include a picture of ones self on the resume, along with marital status, age, DOB, etc.

That said, aren’t there some interesting possibilities for taking personal branding and online presence to the next level? I think back to the football player that got an invite to tryout for the NFL team. In all likelihood, he would have never been invited to workout for the team if he had not made and posted that video of himself. My guess is that we will start to see more of these self-made videos of athletes posted on YouTube next year. Athletes have been making these videos of themselves for quite some time now, this is nothing new. But what is new is the delivery of the content–over the internet. I am currently wrestling with this concept, I can see both sides of the argument. But the possibilities for personal branding make this concept worth a second look. What do you think? Is there a future in this? Will we see more applicants making self-promotional videos? Will this become more mainstream in the future, or is this a novelty?

Let me know what you think! And again, here is the link to the Pew Research article which has more factual data on users’ video habits online.


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