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I recently attended a Cleantech Panel at UC Berkeley, where I listened to 4 industry people talked about the recent “emergence” of the cleantech industry. What I found itneresting was the perspective of these people, they were able to talk … Continue reading

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What is the Future of the Internet, and How Will It Affect Businesses?

Another interesting blog title, eh? I read another article from the Pew Research website that talks about the direction of technology, more specifically the internet, and how the direction may affect business in the future. What is the direction of … Continue reading

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Will The Internet Make Us Stupid?

An interesting and catchy title, I know. But there is an interesting series of articles that are on the Pew Research website that address this question, as well as some other pertinent ones. (like recent internet trends, polls, etc) This … Continue reading

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Article on the Reasons Why and How You Should Blog

Again, I am writing a series of posts on the benefits of blogging to enhance your job search and networking ablilites. The idea is to increase your web presence, and to broadcast to interested parties about your expertise. Provided that … Continue reading

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Chartbeat: Blog Analytics

As a continuation of this theme of creating internet content, I read another interesting article on a new (to me) blog performance tracker on SAI. For those that have started a new blog and would like to track the performace … Continue reading

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Increase Your Google Presence

Especially for students that are entering the workforce, it is important to get your name out there for potential employers and colleagues to see and recognize that you are a serious career professional. The importance of doing this increases in … Continue reading

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List of Social/Professional Networking Sites

LinkedIn, Ryze, and, are a few websites that are well-known and produce results for a number of people. They are certainly the go-to websites for a large number of people out there. I highly recommend using those sites if … Continue reading

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